Thank you for sharing and writing and being.

The title of this short post is the final sentence in a comment from Rachel (find her awesome blog here) in response to my recent post about my anxiety. There are many reasons why this line has prompted me to write. A few are below.

1. I am an introvert who loves to read and write so I hang out in my mind more than I hang out with actual people. The internet is one way for introverts to find each other but even commenting on someone else’s website can be daunting. I have read plenty of posts that I adored but was never able to comment because I was too worried that what I had to say wouldn’t be that important or smart sounding or whatever. I don’t actually know Rachel (this is why the internet is amazing!) so maybe she’s an extrovert who sprinkles her comments like fairy dust across the internet. Or maybe it was as hard for her as it can be for me. Either way, I appreciate the effort of typing into the little box and hitting submit.

2. When we post something and send it out into the ether, we hope someone will receive the message. Otherwise, a pen and paper journal would work just fine. Some posts are amusing. Some are factual. Some are deeply personal. The personal posts are the hardest to put out there but I know I have been deeply impacted by personal posts by other writers/bloggers. Rachel’s comment, and especially her final sentence, let me feel heard and a little less alone.

3. Anxiety and all other illnesses, disorders, disabilities, problems, life, etc. have a way of making us feel alone, like no one else understands. Rachel understands and that’s another person out there in the world who I know gets it. It’s not just me. And hopefully she’ll remember it’s not just her. And we’ll both be a little better for it.

In conclusion . . .

Dear Rachel,

Thank you.

Warmest regards in the coldest night,



One thought on “Thank you for sharing and writing and being.

  1. Wow. I’m so touched, Jillian…this made my Monday and continues to bring a bashful smile to my face.

    Here’s to fellow anxious introverts connecting across the void, hopefully making the world a little less lonely for those times we care to venture outside of our rich inner lives. Thank you.

    Looking forward to reading more,


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