Join me on The Martian bandwagon!

I love The Martian by Andy Weir when I first read it in December. It’s a terrific book and I recommend it to anyone who asks for something good to read.

Then I heard it was already being made into a movie with Matt Damon and I got more excited. If done right, the movie could be spectacular. I’m typically wary about book-to-movie transitions as so much needs to get cut out, such as subplots, and of course any beautiful language goes out the window.
However, The Martian has a really great idea at its core and a fascinating series of obstacles that the astronaut, Mark Watney, must overcome to survive. So I think the plot will hold up. 
I’m interested to see how the movie handles the fact that most of the book is Mark’s first person account of his day as he records a journal of sorts for posterity. Will there be voice-overs for certain sequences? Will we watch Matt Damon do stuff without talking? Please don’t make him talk to himself. That never goes well.
I have hope that the movie will hit the mark because of a teaser promo that has been released wherein Mark Watney is tasked with recording elements of the trip to send back to Earth for the public to watch. He introduces us to the other members of his team.

I read one comment on this video somewhere that it was too lighthearted and isn’t this supposed to be a serious movie/thriller/etc? To that I say – read the book!

There is a moment in the book when people back on Earth are talking about Mark being stuck on Mars and his role on the voyage in general. Part of why he was chosen was his personality. He’s a bit of a jokester, doesn’t get frazzled, diffuses situations. He’s there to help keep the crew calm and sane on a multi-year mission. In many ways, he’s the perfect guy to get stranded on Mars.

And should you worry that tension will be lacking, here is the trailer.

I can’t wait!


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