Word of the Day


1. wool refuse, shearing of cloth, old cloth torn to pieces, or the like, for upholstering furniture, stuffing mattresses, etc.

2. Also called flocking. Wool, cloth, etc., used for producing a velvet like pattern on wallpaper or cloth or for coating metal

1. to stuff with flock

2. to decorate or coat with flock

One Friday evening, I got sucked into the world of Lisa Robertson on QVC. She was on a Christmas special  talking about all sorts of decorations. You should know that she is a hypnotic host. As she delicately drags a finger along a garland, her voice soothingly tells you it is the most beautiful garland she has ever seen. I’ve never bought anything off QVC but if I did, it would be because of Lisa Robertson. (Too bad she’s stepping down from her post.)

A wee bit of flocking.

And then the lights dimmed as she entered a winter wonderland of fake trees. After a glorious moment with Lisa Robertson (I have to write her full name for some reason) standing among the trees, the full lights came back on and a man joined her to discuss the trees for sale.

When her immaculate nail pointed to one of the trees in a tight close-up shot, Lisa Robertson mentioned the beautiful flocking. They talked about the flocked trees and kept cooing over the flocking.

It is rare when I can’t figure out a word from context. Lisa Robertson uses a variety of words to describe the products on her show but I had no idea what flocking was. A quick dictionary perusal, deeper than the normal definition of a flock, got me to the definitions above.

Out of control flocking.

The fake snow on the trees was the flocking she kept talking about.

The fake snow flocked the trees.

(Cue a good ten minutes when I tried out new curse words using flock or flocked or flocking with my mom who was watching Lisa Robertson with me.)

Turns out buying a flocked Christmas tree is very common. I’ve never encountered this word in a holiday or tree context – I buy fresh trees.


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