Here’s the deal . . . (again)

In lieu of the massive amount of money I spent on books last year and the fact that I have books on my shelves that I haven’t read yet, I have decided to reinstate some limits. I’m bringing back my book allowance.

With each paycheck I can spend $30 on books. No more, no less – well, maybe less. I will horde my change each week – if there is any – to put toward the next purchase.

I plan on mainly buying new fiction in fancy hardcover but I will be frugal at times and cash in on a 2 for 3 sale or prowl a used bookstore.

Not that this means I will only read one book every two weeks. If I finish a book before the next payday, I can browse my existing shelves for a book that will be new to me or check something out from the library.

Fingers crossed this plan works to keep me reading and writing and keep me in the black.


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