A little bit of mystery

I picked up Death by Darjeeling because the entire mystery series centers on a tea shop in Charleston. I do love tea and tea shops and those little tea spoons. I had to give it a chance.

The book was fine. The best parts were the descriptions of Charleston – the historic neighborhood, the estuaries and coastal regions, the many plants that flourish in the South. I suddenly have the urge to visit Charleston and separate the truth from the fiction.
Theodosia Browning gave up the rat race to open the Indigo Tea Shop. She employs a baker/waitress, Haley, and a tea extraordinaire named Drayton. The newest waitress, Bethany, is a suspect in the murder of a local real estate developer, Hughes Barron, who died at an event with tea provided by Theodosia’s shop.
After it is revealed that the developer did indeed die from poison, Theodosia takes it upon herself to investigate. Since her business is at stake, she needs to determine who poisoned Hughes Barron.
In typical Christie fashion, many suspects are presented. Meet Timothy Neville, the director of the Heritage Society who had gotten into loud arguments with Barron. Or could it be Tanner Joseph, the environmentalist who failed to stop Barron’s development of condos along the coast? Maybe it is Lleveret Dante, Barron’s smarmy business associate who inherited the business upon Barron’s death. All excellent possibilities.
Also in typical Christie fashion, the killer is the most unlikely person in the story. That part always frustrates me a bit. Even after reading the story and going back, there are never any signs pointing toward the ultimately guilty party. A bit out of left field if you ask me.
It’s an amusing story although I don’t think I’ll be pursuing this series. Not my cup of tea.

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