Today I am taking part in Pin-it-Forward, a blogger mashup organized by sfgirlbybay and pinterest.
Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board – it allows you to bookmark images from the web to your own curated gallery. You can follow other people’s board and even re-pin their images to your own boards. The program allows you to link back to the original source so you and others can follow that inspirational trail back to the beginning.
Personally, I always forget the beginning of an idea since the end result is usually the more powerful element but I love knowing and remembering beginnings.
The Pin-it-Forward event has a theme: what home means to me. Below is a sneak peak of some of the items on my pin board.
And make sure to check out EV Photo Chic, the blog of Elizabeth (crafter, photographer and designer) who posted her inspiration board yesterday. And bookmark Radical Flower to return to tomorrow to see what home means to Serena (love the photographs on this blog).
As you may have figured out, I love love love books. While I would like a library like the one up top, I’d settle for a wall of shelves, preferably an Old Pickup Blue wall. A girl can never have too many books. (via thegentlemanscholar & cloudinthesky & elledecor)
I love old movies and keep old VHS copies around. Best for rainy days with popcorn. Rear Window, Naughty Marietta and Phantom of the Opera. You might guess I adore Nelson Eddy. You’d be correct. (posters via cyber-cinema & moviegoods & wikipedia of all places)
A bit of charm where I can get it. (via marielito’s photostream) Flowers, flowers everywhere. (via apartmenttherapy) A desk near a window, perfect for early morning writing. (via theclosetentrepreneur) Touches of tartan. (via Levan Mindiashvili) A home with seasons – especially autumn. (via cambridgeincolour)

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