Word of the Day – aspersion

Aspersion (n.) a damaging or derogatory remark or criticism; slander; the act of slandering

Mairtin: A wussy oul pussy you called me. And if people start doing that then I’ll have to be pegging something back at them, and it isn’t a smatter of poteen it’ll be, it’ll be aspersions. And if the aspersions are true or not I don’t know, and I don’t care. I only threw them out because it was you who started the who shebang in the first place.
Mick: What are the aspersions anyways?
Mairtin: Just general ones.
Mick: The only aspersions that could be cast are the ones I’ve already admitted to, and the ones I’ve already served me time over. That I had had a drink taken, and a good drink, and that she had no seat-belt on her, and that was the end of it. No other aspersions could there be.
– Martin McDonagh, A Skull in Connemara

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