Missed me?

Sorry for the delay in posting something. I’ve been heavy into revising my novel and have finally found a moment to breath – and to post an intro to Stieg Larsson and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

If you visit Larsson’s official website, you’ll see a tagline “where Stieg Larsson’s spirit lives.” While I hope that his spirit is not chained to the internet forevermore, the site is one-stop shopping for all things Larsson.
He passed away shortly after submitting the first 3 novels in a planned series of 10. That I knew. What I didn’t know was that he was an activist for most of his life, fighting against racism and right-wing extremism, i.e. neo-Nazis.
There is a posthumous controversy regarding his estate – Larsson left no will and his lifelong partner Eva Gabrielsson is fighting with his father and brother for control and access to the estate. A smallish snag in the whole deal (for the father and brother, at least) is that Gabrielsson controls the rights to the fourth novel in the series that Larsson had started before he died.
Random piece of advice: Write a will. Get married.
I actually saw the movie before I started reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. A couple of weekends ago, I was getting over a bad head cold and it was crazy hot out. So I dragged my mom to a small movie theater for over two hours of blissful air-conditioning. I was willing to see whatever they had that day and this was it.
The movie is awesome! Noomi Rapace is awesome! And Micke got kinda cute by the end, too.

(I don’t want a Hollywood version of this Swedish film. Boo!)
I had heard great things about the book and the film (randomly, at a play I was seeing in Philly before the show started) but hadn’t gotten around to picking it up. The day after the movie, I ran to the bookstore.
Random weird thing: On the official Larsson website, somebody thinks Lisbeth Salandar would listen to Lady Gaga. Um, not so sure about that tie-in.

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