A little late to the party

Ha! I wrote about The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers before the New York Times! Take that!

I really don’t know why I’m so jazzed about it. It’s not like the book was a secret. But I have to say, I’m surprised the Sunday Book Review didn’t write up the novel sooner. Mullen’s first novel was quite the success and seemed a logical choice to have his sophomore attempt closely scrutinzed.

While I don’t necessarily disagree with Daniel Wallace’s point that Mullen’s prose can be a little heavyhanded at times. For example, “A surge of guilt belted Whit in the chest.” Yeah, that one is a bit much even though I see what Mullen is trying to do.

Wallace does the exact same thing in his assessment (ironically? blindly?) – “[t]oo often the prose rides shotgun to the plot.”

Hopefully, Mullen won’t be upset by Wallace’s article. For the most part, it’s a positive review. And besides, Mullen can always rejoice in his other ‘rollicking’ reviews.

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