A rising interest in mysteries

I find myself constantly coming across references to mysteries and detective novels set in fabulous locales – Scotland, Istanbul and now Paris.

On the Paris blog, Invisible Paris posted an entry about Cara Black’s 10th novel in her Aimee Leduc detective series. An interview with the author was scored and posted on the sites.

What is it about Paris that inspires crime fiction?

The history maybe? For me, that’s a big part and my research gives me the chance and a nice excuse to go to Paris and scratch the surface. Dig deep and deeper to understand the quartier, the people who live there, the origins of the quartier such as Bastille with its old furniture making and artisinal roots. Paris holds so many secrets and stories that I want to keep discovering.

This series is going on the – ever growing – list!

Random fun mystery fact – Tartan Noir is a term for Scottish detective fiction that has a brooding sensibility, brutal humor and a fixation on the nature of guilt and punishment. It has more in common with the Russian novel than with traditional detective writing.


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