Sustaining the francophile in me

I know the title I just wrote sounds mildly dirty but I do have a bit of a francophile in me. I first came across Peter Mayle on a rainy day at a friend’s house years ago. I stumbled upon his book A Year In Provence, borrowed it, and was hooked.

Mayle is a British expat living in Southern France. He has a charming narrative voice, both in his memoir(ish) books about life in Provence and his novels. The characters are interesting and easy to root for. Exotic locales and food are described in loving detail. The words that come to mind when I read Mayle are fresh, sunny, mouth-watering, fun – things like that.
His work fills a clearly vast need for escapist literature – heavily translated, you could read about France or wine in most languages.
Mayle certainly lives the good life and writes about it as well.
I fully expect The Vintage Caper to be a bout of good fun. I like books that make me smile while I read, even if I look like a fool on the train.
Bonus links to Mayle articles/interviews:
Mayle’s favorite travel book is M.F.K. Fisher’s Two Towns in Provence.

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