Shout out

Here’s a nice way to start my day: a comment I left on a blog I read – Birth of a Play(wright) – was actually quoted in her next post.

I like reading Natalie’s blog because her struggles to carve out time to write while holding down regular, non-creative jobs is something I go through everyday. I don’t write about it on this site – I try not to veer too off-course – but in the background I make daily choices between writing and work and spending time with loved ones, etc. The yearned for turret and patronage system that I assume will result in several thousand words per day has yet to happen. Until then, I squeeze it in and keep whispering, ‘Someday, someday.’

A bit of a P.S. Make sure to keep visiting those nice boys (and girl) over at Charge Shot. I especially enjoy the weekly encapsulations of 24 episodes.


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