I’ve been living with a cold for a while now so I’m not reading as much. Hard to differentiate letters when my head hurts.

And The Music Room begs you to take your time as you read. Take this paragraph:
I didn’t question the world as I found it: our wide moat and gatehouse tower, the medieval chapel above the kitchen, the huge uninhabited rooms to the west and the parade of strangers that passed through them each year; the way our house was divided into two parts, one private, the other open to public view. I didn’t question my brother’s seizures or the frightening and unpredictable swings of his mood from gentleness and warmth to opposition and violence – these too were just facts I grew up among, how things were. (65)
Fiennes’ long sentences dappled with commas slow my internal breath as I read. I can sometimes inhale a book so quickly that I appreciate any book that forces me to move at its pace.
So while I spend the next train ride or two finishing The Music Room, I am also eagerly waiting for two books to arrive in the mail: The Vintage Caper by Peter Mayle and Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson.
I have been looking forward to Mayle’s most recent novel for some time and when I read a review of Helen Simonson’s debut, I quickly added it to my list. Once I wrap up The Music Room, I’ll post more about the next two on my list.
It’s like Christmas in March knowing books are in the mail!

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