Click-through day – the Fiennes family tree edition

Part of why I have been so anxious to read The Music Room by William Fiennes was so I could have a fun post about the Fiennes family tree.

William Fiennes is a British author with some notable apples on his tree, including his home. Broughton Castle has been featured in several movies including The Scarlet Pimpernel, Three Men and a Little Lady, and Shakespeare in Love.

I’m a little concerned by Broughton Castle hasn’t posted anything lately. I hope he’s (she’s?) okay.
I do enjoy a nice tearoom. Is this the (seemingly large) staff that runs it?
So, going back to Shakespeare in Love, Joseph Fiennes (ahem – Shakespeare) is William Fiennes’ third cousin, which means Ralph Fiennes is also another shiny apple.
(Ralph is Joseph’s older brother. Try drawing an actual tree if you are having trouble.)
And, in a nod to English propriety in general, let’s be correct with names: Joseph Alberic Twistleton-Wykeham-Fiennes and Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes are his cousins.
(And that’s Ralph pronounced like Rafe, people.)
Joseph Fiennes is notoriously selective about the work he chooses and can now be seen on FlashForward. He often looks very concerned as FBI agent Mark Benford. Here he’s bloody concerned. And now he’s sad. He might have been worrying about that damn kangaroo here. The range is subtle, don’t you think? Must be that Shakespearean training.
I think he’s great but man does he rock that same expression.
I know he’s done more than this in his life but this is the most recent thing I remember about Ralph ‘call-me-Rafe’ Fiennes.
Another fun relative on the Fiennes tree would most likely dangle of his own accord with his own ropes and hooks.
I present Sir Ranulph Fiennes, English adventurer!!
Sir Ranulph Fiennes was:
1. the first man to visit both the north and south poles by surface means.
2. the first man to completely cross Antarctica on foot.
3. in the army of the Sultan of Oman.
4. part of the expedition that discovered a lost city.
5. so frustrated with his dead fingers that he cut them off himself.
6. able to complete a ridiculously stupid challenge: seven marathons in seven days on seven continents.
7. always afraid of heights. (Really?)
8. considered for the role of James Bond. Of course.
He rocks! I want to meet him.

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