Spies, spies, everywhere there’s spies

I originally came across Diane Johnson back in college. There were four shelves dedicated to contemporary fiction in Logue Library and I probably read them all including the entire Dune series, a surprising romance or two, and Le Divorce by Diane Johnson.

As a mild Francophile, the French title caught my eye and Johnson’s simple plot, breezy writing, and engaging descriptions of Paris and French culture kept me turning the pages. Over the years, I encountered Le Mariage and L’Affaire and enjoyed them as well.
I saw Lulu in Marrakech at a local library sale. That was a good day – eight books for $3.50!! And a female spy in Morocco! And intrigue, danger, romance!!! Sign me up!
My not-so-secret wish to be a spy leads me to loving and accepting all spy-related entertainment: Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Le Carre novels, Burn Notice, the International Spy Museum podcast. Johnson’s newest novel was an easy purchase but for some reason languished on my shelf for a couple of months.
So, to pique your interest, here are some links and fun facts.
Le Divorce was made into an awful film with Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts.
Johnson writes about juggling the work-home balance.
Q&A for expats.
Didn’t know she was writing satires. Maybe I need to reread the books from 10 years ago.
She co-wrote the screenplay for The Shining.
Le Divorce was a National Book Award finalist. Who knew? Lost to Cold Mountain.

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