All grown up

Entertainment Weekly online reported that the first hardcover adult Sweet Valley High novel will be published by St. Martin’s Press. The originator, Francine Pascal, is lined up to write the novel.

I will buy this book. I know I will. I loved the Sweet Valley High series, following the struggles of two gorgeous, blond twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield in Sweet Valley, California. This was the second series I devoted myself to – The Babysitter’s Club was the first.

Who knew there were over 150 books in the SVH series? Ghostwriters will do that for you. And that’s not including all the spin-offs like the SVH: the elementary years and SVH: we’re going to college!

The one plot line that always stood out for me was when Elizabeth finally decided to ride Todd’s motorcycle (she disapproved for a very long time) and they promptly get into an accident. She was feeling reckless so didn’t have a helmet. After a brief coma, Elizabeth wakes up and her personality is different, as often happens with head injuries. She is more like her twin, Jessica – wanting to party and flirt with lots of guys. She might even have dated the rich snob Bruce Patman, or at least made out with him. Of course Elizabeth comes to her senses at some point after much consternation on Jessica’s part.

Anyone remember that short-lived TV show with the Doublemint twins?

Brittany Daniel is the actress still working. Cynthia retired after SVH. I guess she wanted to go out while on top.

Bonus Fun Fact: Francine Pascal is planning for SVH: The Musical. OGM, yes!!

Bonus Fun Click-Through: The Wikipedia page for SVH has a fun list of criticisms of the series. Here are a few to get your started:

– Jessica falls in love with a vampire.
– Multiple kidnappings, attempted murders, sexual assaults, and stalkings
– Jessica having at least five boyfriends who died in the series


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