Art imitating life imitating art etc etc

Check out an article Thomas Mullen wrote for Book Pages on his second novel.

When writing The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers, I had not been trying to tell the future or draw parallels between a distant time and our own—and I think the book works even for readers unconcerned with such analogies. But it also proves that no matter how hard a writer might try to tell own his story and control his characters, there are always more powerful forces at work. The best you can do is tell your tale and let it loose upon a world that we’re all trying to make sense of, even as it changes around us, day after day.
And I’ll help him get the glowing review from his hometown newspaper seen. Who wouldn’t want that shared? (Despite an erroneous detail from the book, but you’ll have to read it to find what is wrong in the article.)

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