Awesome fun Leda fact!!

Following linked articles can be so fun! While researching the Leda and the Swan motif, I came across telegony.

Telegony is a theory in heredity. It has since been discredited but was widely accepted until the late 19th century. It holds that offspring can inherit characteristics of a previous mate of the female parent. For example, the child of a widowed or remarried (or loose) woman might have traits of the previous husband.
That’s just gross.
Part of the origin of this came from Theseus. He was a bit of a bad ass. And he got around.
All of Leda’s babies and the father confusion could lead one to this conclusion, I’m sure.
Bonus awesome fact: I present, Lord Morton’s mare! Lord Morton bred an Arabian mare and a quagga stallion. He then bred that same Arabian mare with a white stallion. The resultant offspring had some strange stripes like the quagga.
Wanna see a quagga?
That’s a quagga. Sadly, quaggas are extinct.
Lord Morton though telegony explained the striped offspring. He even got a published article out of it. Turns out, the stripes were most likely from recessive genes.

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